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Meal Prep

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Cooking classes are 90 min long. During the first 15 min students have an opportunity to meet their potential friends, explore the room and adjust to new environment. 

60 min of an actual class will be divided for work/break sections. During the first 30 min students participate in cooking activities where they take turns in mixing ingredients, follow simple directions and working with their own ingredients. While the dish is baking and everyone is waiting, students are encouraged to socialize/play. It's a great opportunity to learn about each other and make friends. 


After the food is done - everyone is welcome to enjoy it or take home. 


Last 15 min is a clean up time for everyone. 


Sometimes one is not in a mood to participate - we understand. Being in a new and crowded environment is already a big deal. There is no pressure in being involved. The fact that we are already all together is amazing!

In addition, all our classes focus on verbal and nonverbal communication. 

Targeted goals:

   -  Request using: Picture Exchange, Touch Chat

   -  Following instructions

   -  Sign Language

   -  Sentence Building



Forest Path





11:30am - 1pm



1pm - 2:30pm


11:00pm - 12:30pm

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