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Group Classes

The structure of your group classes is thoughtfully designed to cater to students with diverse abilities, providing a comfortable and flexible learning environment.

The initial 15 minutes serve as a warm-up period, allowing students to socialize, familiarize themselves with the space, and transition smoothly into the learning mode.

The core 60-minute session is a balanced mix of work and break periods, offering students the autonomy to manage their engagement based on their individual needs. This approach not only respects their unique thresholds for concentration but also encourages self-awareness and self-regulation.

Concluding the class with a communal clean-up routine fosters a sense of responsibility and teamwork, while reinforcing the importance of organization and respect for the shared space.

Overall, this schedule promotes a holistic educational experience where learning efficiency is optimized without compromising well-being, ensuring that each student can thrive at their own pace.

Come join us to see for yourself! 

No parent participation is needed, but welcome ;)

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