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Watermelon Sessions

Watermelon Sessions was inspired by a young client who in his speech therapy would elongate the 'a' turning watermelon into Waaatermelon. Sometimes the teacher becomes the student. Watermelon Sessions is a social based approach for neurodivergent individuals and is inspired by client based research. Created with children in mind, the goal became about providing a solid foundation of development; a skill set that can be used and developed as they grow in to adulthood. That's why we focus on developing an understanding of communication for verbal and non-verbal students, while also focusing on familiarizing them to overstimulating environments. As neurodiversity gets a greater understanding in the public forum we want to acclimate our students so they may have a bright future with more opportunity and independence.  

We are all unique. We all have our differences and preferences. This diversity makes our world a beautiful place. 

Watermelon Sessions was created to celebrate neurodiversity and build on inclusivity and communication.

We are not here to 'fix' our students. We are here to build on how they engage with the world around them; to help all our kiddos integrate socially and have fun with peers without losing themselves.

We are committed to helping neurodivergent individuals learn in the best way possible. Studies have shown incidental learning through social experience is inherently and profoundly effective in developing constructive life skills. Incidental learning refers to learning unintentionally through experience and its critical to language development and learned behavior. Our social programs are the heart of our unique approach to working with neurodiversity. In developing communication and behavior, it is in our social therapy that we see the most significant improvement in our students. We are all social animals and the right environment inspires us to learn and grow. 

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