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Giving back to the community

At Watermelon we love being a part of Community! That’s why we have projects that not only give back
to our amazing community and neighborhoods, but also let all of our awesome neurodivergent students
participate in this beautiful action of kindness.

Our Projects







- Neighborhood library. We have collaborated with local woodmaking couple that make awesome
libraries/ butterfly houses, etc. With a little bit of effort we established our first community library
near our Vancouver location on Victoria drive. Everyone is welcome to share their books or pick
their owns.

- Free toys/materials. Every weekend April – October we share with the neighbors toys and
materials our students are tired of. This is like a beautiful circle of toys: we are receiving them
from parents and give away when it’s time. Come check it out! Maybe you’ll find something for
your kiddos!



- Neighborhood street cleaning. Every week, spring to winter we hold a free social class where
everyone can come and participate in street cleaning. This group not only makes the streets
clean, but also helps our students to make friends, feel a part of a community, work on gross
motor skills and so much more! Check our Social Groups page to learn more!










- Community Veggie & Herbs Garden. This is a brand-new project that focuses on growing and
taking care of veggies and herbs. Our students have an amazing opportunity to see the seeds
grow and share the produce with the neighborhood!

- Adopted a Street Garden. We have adopted a few zones in Vancouver Metro: in Richmond and
Vancouver. Our students can participate in a beautification program, where they take care of
planted plants: water them, weed them, prune, etc.


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

604 783 4077

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