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Our Services

Each class provides a common activity that we use to prompt verbal and non-verbal communication but without the pressure of being tested. By having a fun activity we can learn incidentally which is ideal as it removes the stress and retains the knowledge.  

Our staff are trained by speech therapists and consultants to ensure that each occasion is fun but prompted with opportunity for development. 

We hand pick our groups to provide the best outcome, so please make sure to provide as much information about your child as possible when registering to our group classes.  


One on one therapy between support worker and student. What is most important is the connection our support workers have with our students..

If specialized therapy is needed we consult with our team of educated professionals to determine what goals we should follow.

What is most important is the connection. When we have a good connection between student and support worker, we are ready to work on the program.

Trust and security make education possible.

One student. One teacher.

First we build a connection with the student then we follow the plan. 

A students plan is determined by assessment and discussion with parents and our experts. We work on tangible goals outlined by the industry professionals we consult with. 


Our Specialized Services

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Behavior Intervention



The most fun is in the group camps. We have weekly social groups where we do something fun with peers.

Group Sessions are the gateway therapy that strengthens ones social confidence, improves mental health and in a natural way develops positive interpersonal behaviors.


Lets get the kids outside and on a slide.

See our Instagram to really see our group sessions

Group Sessions

All our Group Classes are 90 min long.

During the first 15 min students have an opportunity to meet their potential friends, explore the room and adjust to the new environment.   

60 min of an actual class will be divided for work/break sections. Our students will be able to take a break when feel overwhelmed and return to the work when feel more comfortable to do so. 

Last 15 min all our students participate in a clean up routine. 

This schedule helps all our students with diverse abilities to work within their own pace and learn new skills with no pressure. 

Come join us to see for yourself! 

No parent participation is needed, but welcome ;)

Seasonal Camps

Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Every season has something to offer. Pumpkin patches, Local trail hiking and U-Pick farms.

Seasonal Camps offer a trip to something locally cool at one of our preferred sites, a break for snacks, then finish up back at Victoria Dr.


Our one on one therapy has its roots in developing a connection with the student. We feel its important that trust is established between the support worker and the student. Sessions can occur in the parents private residence or at Watermelon Sessions on Victoria Drive. Once we're all familiar with each other, we can move forward with the program. Programs are determined by the expectations of the parents and the assessment of type of therapy needed. 

Group Sessions begin in our ausome space on Victoria Drive. Each group session consists of multiple activities with a lunch break in between. A typical day might look like this: Introductions to one another, walk over to the park and enjoy the playground, come back and have a quick lunch, do some arts and crafts and settle down into some free time where we wait for parents to pick up their children. Group sessions follow guided activities. We encourage our students to communicate and have fun. 

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