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Our Services

The approach of using common activities to foster both verbal and non-verbal communication in a stress-free environment is a commendable teaching strategy. It aligns with educational theories that emphasize the importance of incidental learning—where learning occurs naturally through engaging activities rather than formal instruction. The involvement of trained staff, including speech therapists, ensures that each session is not only enjoyable but also enriching, offering numerous opportunities for developmental progress. Carefully selecting group members based on detailed information about each child further tailors the learning experience, maximizing the potential for individual growth within the group setting. This thoughtful and deliberate method reflects a deep understanding of the learning process and a commitment to creating a nurturing educational environment.


Our one on one therapy has its roots in developing a connection with the student. We feel its important that trust is established between the support worker and the student. Sessions can occur in the parents private residence or at Watermelon Sessions on Victoria Drive. Once we're all familiar with each other, we can move forward with the program. Programs are determined by the expectations of the parents and the assessment of type of therapy needed. 

Group Sessions begin in our ausome space on Victoria Drive. Each group session consists of multiple activities with a lunch break in between. A typical day might look like this: Introductions to one another, walk over to the park and enjoy the playground, come back and have a quick lunch, do some arts and crafts and settle down into some free time where we wait for parents to pick up their children. Group sessions follow guided activities. We encourage our students to communicate and have fun. 

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