Life Skills


Social Skills


Our core principles

Experience is the key to learning. Through the methods of our educators, we provide the experience that solidifies the concepts of education. Our approach is catered to the educational needs of our little friends. Using modern methods, we offer experience through the lens of four principals; life skills, cognition, social skills and behavior awareness. The core principal encapsulating it all is to develop independence in an holistic way. 

Play dates, Group Sessions, Art Events, Garden Projects

Watermelon Session's provides students with a unique opportunity. To experience and learn from experience. Based on our core principles, the experience provide helps establish a sense of self as our students experience first hand the challenges of their development. Understanding needs to learned through experience. We've seen great improvement in our clients because we connect with our clients first then develop their programs as peers. Together we engage in building local herb gardens, art events created by the art of our students. Getting our students to hang out with peers is the foundation of our Group Events where we eat cool food and hang out in a monitored social environment. 

Social Skills

We offer children the opportunity to experience the benefit of actual interaction, not just simulated classroom practice.

We enjoy providing group sessions so children can naturally use learned behavior and respond to social cues. Ultimately allowing children to be children on their own terms.

Using friendly businesses we give the opportunity to use what is learned. With a little guidance we are able to prompt our friends to engage, comprehend and respond. 


Life Skills

Independence. Using learned behaviors for adulthood. Food prep, cleanliness, hygiene, personal space, and responsibilities are learned behaviors that build confidence for a life children grow in to.

Catering to the needs of the child and the requests of the parents, we help develop necessary life skills to build a better more independent future.  


Group Sessions / Play Dates

Core classroom principles are learned here. We help develop comprehension by demonstrating source materials to help course correct behaviors that may be detrimental to a child's future. We help them understand why so they can apply the reasoning to other instances in life and not just case specific situations. 

Through our group sessions and life experiences we prompt and reinforce the principles learned here.  


Special Events / Projects

Special Events cater to developing social skills and building team rapport. By building teams our children can participate in the community and see the effects of their efforts. Our special events are an excellent environment to develop social skills, have fun and be in a team to make something better. We're in the community trying to make a difference. 

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