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Where we connect with autism

Social Groups




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North Van

Our social groups are very popular. We make cool stuff and do cool things together. We prompt social experience in an easy way that is stress free. Each class is designed to prompt expressing and communicating.  We want to build confidence for when we meet new people or hang out with friends.

Behavior Intervention

Speech Language Pathology

Occupational Therapy


Individual Sessions

All of our Support Staff are qualified are specially trained to help your child meet their goals. Watermelon offers our staff cross training opportunities to help develop treatment practices. We approach our therapy as comprehensively as we can to help our little friends become comfortable with themselves as they begin to take on new levels of independence. 

Accepting Donations

Repurposing goods to families

Please everyone. Reach into your garage and storage spaces. Reach deep and donate all the toys and supplies you don't need or don't use.

Collected supplies are repurposed and donated to children and families.

We do it for the smile because we understand it takes a village.

Children's Toys
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